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Saturday, 12-Feb-00 13:54:47


sergio sandoval

Great Stuff!!
Monday, 07-Feb-00 23:57:26

Hey Bret and the rest of the band,

I've been wanting to check you guys out for a while as I am an avid progressive rock/metal fan. After hearing your work on Explorers Club, I was driven even further to hear some genuine Cairo music. My wish came true last night as I finally found some MP3s of Conflict and Dreams.

I started listening to track 1 as it was downloading and knew right away that I had found something excellent! I've heard people mention that it takes more than one listen to appreciate you guys -- I beg to differ! Conflict and Dreams is an instant winner. I've had both of your releases in my CDNow Wish List for quite a few months now (the description sounded good) and now that I have heard your work (listening to it for the 5th time today!!), I will be purchasing both releases.

Additionally, as I was listening to it today at work, a co-worker overheard your music (and he *never* likes my music) and he was standing there with his jaw dropped (Valley of the Shadow) and is actually interested in hearing the whole thing!!! Believe me, this is an excellent feat to achieve. He's a big fan of ELP, Yes, and Pink Floyd and is very picky about what he listens to.

I love bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X but I also love the true old-school prog rock like Yes, Rush, Kansas, and the newer bands continuing to carry the torch like Enchant, Magellan, the Explorers Club release, and now you guys. My point is: keep doing what you do best -- pure prog rock. The spirit of prog must be kept alive!

I am looking very forward to your upcoming release and hope that you may tour to support it (hint, hint)! I can't believe it took me so long to discover your music.

Keep up the great work,
Rick Pierpont
Stewartstown, PA, USA
30 yrs. old -- guitar player (22 years)
Software Engineer

P.S. Just a few demographics for your records. Hey Magna Carta -- us "older" guys are the ones spending the money -- not the teenagers :-)
Rick Pierpont

Symphonic vs. Metal
Sunday, 02-Jan-00 00:28:38

A few years back I had the good fortune of finding a Magna Carta CD in a used CD store.
At the time I thought progressive music was
pretty much a thing of the past. I was so
excited that I began to pick up their entire catalog. The first Cairo CD is still one of
my favorite releases by this label. As a keyboard
player myself I have always favored the melodic
lush approach of the symphonic prog bands. Over
the last few years it seems that many of the CDs
released by Magna Carta have taken on a more
guitar driven sound. For example, the CDs from Altura, Lemur Voice, Tiles & Royal Hunt all chug
along on a bed of crunchy guitar riffs with a screaming madman wailing away over the top. A
poor mans "Dream Theater' if you will! While this label still releases some excellent music,
Liquid Tension for example, their output is too
heavily weighted to that metal sound. Don't get me wrong, I love Dream Theater but I don't
want a steady diet of their music. I have begun to wonder if this label is trying to steer each of their acts into this style. The second Cairo release is heavier than their first and each successive Shadow Gallery release has been heavier than the last.

To the best of your knowledge, was this a
decision that was made based on a greater demand for prog-metal or is this just a sound that is
preferred by the owners of the label.

I really enjoy the music of Cairo and I hope to
see you guys play live in New York City. I would
hate to see your future output molded by a record companies marketing strategy.


Greetings and encouragement
Wednesday, 29-Dec-99 15:55:01

Gentlemen -- Being a middle-aged (but young at heart!) veteran of the original progressive scene and still enjoying my 'old' Yes, Genesis, ELP, Tull, etc. the most, I had long given up on hearing anything new that would be of equal interest. Commercial radio and traditional music outlets had me convinced that no one was left creating music that appealed to my tastes.

To make a long story short, at some point I began following links on the Internet and discovered this huge underground world of surviving (if not thriving) progressive music. I felt like I'd hit the lottery!

Magna Carta was one of the first sites I hooked into and your first album was one of the first I ordered. The purpose of this note is to let you know that I enjoy both albums immensely and am eagerly looking forward to the next one. Of all the 'new' bands I've discovered, Cairo is one of my favorites and it is my hope that messages such as this encourage you to keep following your musical visions, even though they may not be in step with what is popular. That there are those of us out here that are hearing you. I'm sure it is difficult both economically and psychologically to persevere in the current climate. One can hold out hope that a second renaissance is right around the corner, just waiting for the right spark to set it off.

I do have one question. Does Cairo ever play live or go on tour? I'd sure love to see you guys play.

Thanks again.


Matt Pavin

(No subject)
Friday, 24-Dec-99 11:55:40


thank you for your music!
Saturday, 11-Dec-99 18:38:21


I've been enjoying your music since the release of your first album. what bugged me about the first album was the drums which weren't recorded as strong as the second album. i like conflict and dreams even better! please crank up the growly bass! I'm a bad-ass 12-string bass player and listen for bass!

I'm eager for your 3rd album next year! keep it up! oh, for your stats, I bought your cd's in ottawa canada, as all magna carta stuff are easily available domestically here in canuck land.

all the best to you and music!
Pej Vongpaisal

Sunday, 05-Dec-99 13:32:49

Hi there. Just thought I would let you know that ever since my girlfriend bought 'Conflict and Dreams' for me, Cairo is one of my favorite bands. I liked that one so much that I ordered your first album. Your music is amazing. The great thing about you guys to me is the fact that you have your own sound. It sounds like I am caught up in a dream or something. I already read about your new album so that answered my question. So I am awaiting your 3rd album. see ya

Ryan Sessions

really great
Monday, 22-Nov-99 11:13:28

you are really great
and the hole SWEDEN likes you

see you brett
the wisitors from sweden

Mr Sixteen

New disc
Wednesday, 10-Nov-99 15:14:44

You mentioned in your last reply as to having the new disc out by next summer. A couple of questions, first will the new one be out on the Magna Carta label? Also, have you gotten a new guitarist yet?


Eric Baillareon

Great Stuff
Thursday, 28-Oct-99 18:35:38

Hey Bret. The more I listen to your guy's cd's the more and more I can't believe the music and lyrics. The music is so tight and the lyrics are so thought provoking and meaningful. Who was your inspiration as far as lead singers went. Let me ell you Bret, you have one hell of a voice. Even my wife commented on your vocals and she likes the easy listening stuff!! Which bands influenced you guys the most. I can hear Yes, Styx, Kansas and Rush in your music. I can hardly wait for the next album to come out. Keep up the good work.

New Album to be release mid-next year
Monday, 25-Oct-99 13:12:10

First of all, I've said it before, but Cairo is the best new band of the '90s. I've posted here before, but this time I'm responding to another message, which mentioned your 3rd album would probably be released in the middle of next year. I'm very excited.

I have a question about your new album: What's it like? To be more specific:

I see your music as being entirely different from prog-metal bands. For the most part, I do not like the whole Dream-Theatre-and-clones prog-metal genre; I'm much more into classic prog like Yes, ELP, Gentle Giant, and Gryphon. I view Cairo as a band in the same class as these classic bands.

To me, it seems most prog-metal falls short of the "prog" designation. I know this will sound like fighting words to some, but that's how I feel.

Cairo's music is much deeper, more beautiful, melodic, intricate, positive, poetic, original, imaginative, and just plain more interesting than prog-metal. However, it seems to be categorized by many in the same vein as prog-metal, and it's association with Magna Carta strengthens this classification (I'm not ripping MC here, I have quite a few albums from them, but they do focus on metal more than I would like).

I've read some reviews criticizing Cairo for not being as heavy or angry as other bands [i.e. mainstream prog-metal], especially in the guitar section. I very strongly disagree with such statements, and hope that such comments don't adversely affect Cairo's music. The last thing we need is another Dream Theater clone.

My question is this: does the music on the new album continue in the same directions as set up by Conflict and Dreams, or does it become more metal-ish?

Paul E.

Got My CD's
Monday, 20-Sep-99 23:26:48

Hey Bret. I got your cd's the other day in the mail and let me tell you, I am impressed. The music is so tight and your vocals are the best I have heard in a long time. How did you get to be such a great singer? When is the new Cairo cd due out? Soon I hope. i am going to pass on your cd's to some friends so they can see that Progressive rock is where it is at. Take it easy and until next time, have a good one.



New to Cairo
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 16:21:39

Hi Bret. I just ordered your cd's the other day and don't know when I'll recieve them. I only heard the 30 second real audio samplers they give you and I was truly impressed by them. I must have been, I ordered the cds!! I was really impressed with the job you did on Explorer's Club. That Trent Gardner must quite a musician to work with. When is the next Cairo project due? I am so glad to see there are musicians that still believe in the progressive movement. It is too bad that the record shops don't actually stock yours or any of other progressive acts. You have to special order it. They have lots of Britiany Speers though. Take care and keep up the good work. Until next time, have a good one.



Question for the Drummer
Wednesday, 18-Aug-99 15:48:24

Hey, Jeff!

I listened with interest to a lot of your work on the Conflict & Dreams CD. Your style reminds me a lot of my own when playing, rock solid yet sparingly. You are one of those drummers who knows he doesn't have to be flashy to get attention, which is refreshing.
I was wondering what kind of kit you use, and how it is set up. I hope you have time to respond, but if you don't, I understand.

Cookie Monster (oops, I mean Duster)

Cookie Duster

A month and a half later
Friday, 13-Aug-99 15:00:51


It's been about a month and a half since I got your Conflict& Dreams CD. I have to agree with the person who stated that your music has to be listened to a few times in order to appreciate it. My two favorite songs are "Corridors" and "Then You Were Gone". My girlfriend isn't into rock much, but she liked
what I played for her!
I have something wonderful to share with you. About four weeks ago, I went down to Ann Arbor fo a day to visit the Buddhist temple there. I picked up a CD by Gong entitled "You" this band is worth a listen, if you haven't already) and since then, my psyche has calmed considerably. I am no longer as tense, and I no longer have nightmares. Although I listen to a lot of prog-rock, I cannot help but think that the components as a whole are what precipitated this change. I cannot thank the other prog bands without a great deal of effort (and stamps) but I do have the ability to thank you. It has been said that when an artist writes music, there is a certain vibe that that music follows. If you are tune with that vibe, Wonderful things begin to happen, as I am experiencing. I am extremely grateful that something that I will probably never understand guided me to your music. I wish you the best of luck on your next release, which I will undoubtedly be buying.

Tons of excellent karma to you,


Johnny Crash

Friday, 06-Aug-99 15:56:20

Hi again.

Are you guys still with Magna Carta, or are you shopping for another label?

Just curious,

Chris Hinton

Friday, 30-Jul-99 00:27:33

Keep up the good work men!!


Hello Again
Thursday, 15-Jul-99 16:52:11

Hi, guys, it's me again. There's not a lot of places you can go to get information on new prog rock groups nowadays, so I figured I'd just ask you guys! If that's OK with you, that is.
I was wondering if the four(?) of you have had music training anywhere, say at Berkeley or Julliard. Maybe you guys had to go through boring piano lessons also!
Also, I have a question about music in general. The liner notes about 'The ever present god in each and every one of us who awaits for us to awaken to a more harmonious reality intrigues me. Be that as it may, I would like to ask you guys, what are your opinions on music today? There are so many groups out there taht are hyped into success nowadays, and I know it is very hard for REAL musicians to get a break.
Lastly, my boss and I were having a discussion a couple of weeks ago about how the
religious right has always implied that "Rock & Roll is an instrument of evil." Any thoughts?
It means a lot to me, as a musician, that there are still bands out there who have not forgotten that their relationship with their fans
is ultimately what will make or break them. Thank you all for taking the time to listen.


Johnny Crash

Thursday, 01-Jul-99 08:43:31

hey guys,
I have a question geared sort of towards Mark's area: Like a lot of prog fans, (including
yourselves no doubt) I am in love with the sounds of the mellotron. I think a lot of prog fans
like it too, perhaps without even realizing it...I know that was true in my case until I realized just what a mellotron was & the fact that many of the bands I took to quickly featured it's lush, dreamy, otherworldish sound. (Genesis, Moody Blues, K.Crimson...etc, etc.) I was wondering if Cairo had, or would consider adding a mellotron (or even samples) to its keyboard/sonic arsenal. Mark seems to go for a really modern sound (except for the classic
Hammond!) but considering the intense sound Cairo has, I'll bet you would make absolutely
devastating use of the mellotron in your music...on the other hand I know some prog critics think that a modern band just uses a mellotron as a prog cliche, (hey, if it's a clich, it sure sounds good!) & also I hear they are a pain in the neck to keep tuned. Anyway, I was just wondering where you guys stand on that.
Hey, per chance, are there any vegetarians in the group?-Steve Nicholas

Steve Nicholas

Cairo Obsession
Tuesday, 29-Jun-99 19:26:28

Hey, Bret:

Thank you so much for your time. I am going to try to locate your other releases on CD (though I have a hard time finding progressive metal in an environment that caters to country, rap, and dance music. I hope you guys have a long and fruitful career.
Oh, by the way, your drummer rules! Solid, man!

God Bless,


Johnny Crash

Conflict, Dreams, and Amazement
Monday, 28-Jun-99 14:43:28

I would like to extend a personal thank you to everybody in the band for playing a style of music that never seems to surprise and amaze me.
Conflict and Dreams will truly stand the test of time, and I count this addition to my collection as invaluable.
After reading the lyrics to some of the songs, I felt a rush inside me that I had not experienced in a long time, and this was before I had a chance to hear the music! I showed the CD to one of my friends also, and she was clearly intrigued. After I finally had a chance to listen to the songs, I have a few comments, and one question.
The first thing I noticed was the supporting guitar melody, track 2, on the bridge. Wow! I was driving to work on a foggy morning, with the sun occasionally peeking through the haze, and the music totally uplifted me. Second, after listening to Track 5 a few times, and getting familiar with the words, I was almost brought to tears by the final verse.
Finally, at the end of Track 3, there is a march-tempo keyboard solo where the drums slowly build
and go into a driving rhythm. Unreal!! You gentlemen are truly talented, and being a drummer myself, I truly wish I could find someone that I could play this style of music with.
I would like to make a humble suggestion, if I may. I would like to hear more harmonic counterpoint between the instruments in the band.
Your music, though, is truly a reality-wrenching
experience. I am not one bit sorry for being a progressive rock fan, even though I receive a lot of criticism and odd looks.
I have one question: What is "Then You Were Gone about? On a deeper level, it sounds like a quest for faith.
I thank you gentlemen again for creating music which not only tells a story, but TRUE
music which will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Johnny Crash

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