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Hello from Guatemala! Like everyone else I'm always looking for a new Cairo album, and I just happened to find a site which claimed a 4th Cairo album named "Armies of Compassion". BEWARE!!! That's not our Cairo! It's an ugly German grunge band! DON'T LET YOURSELF BE FOOLED AS I ALMOST DID! judahben@gmail.com


Hello, greetings from France ! I agreed the last comments, the world needs new Cairo recordings, projects, demo, or news^^ This aerian guitar (don't you find there was NO RIFF...ever ! incredible^^) mixed with this runnning bass/drums and this typical harmonic earfilling is your color, I just need more :) I don't know if something happened or just stopped, but I keep on listening to your 3album until we get some new stuff :)


Yes you can, Cairo. Arjan, The Netherlands.


Hello guys! I am prog and classical pianist from Ukraine - Oleg Polyanskiy. I often listen to all your 3 albums - they are very cool! It is so sorry that you had stopped recording since 2001. I am a fan of your music, this is the best what has been done in the ELP & UK vein. I was also looking for a further information about your music careers but, again, with no result... I wish I could hear the new Cairo album! My email is polyanskiy_o@ukr.net


Hello guys! I am prog and classical pianist from Ukraine - Oleg Polyanskiy. I often listen to all your 3 albums - they are very cool! It is so sorry that you had stopped recording since 2001. I am a fan of your music, this is the best what has been done in the ELP & UK vein. I was also looking for a further information about your music careers but, again, with no result... I wish I could hear the new Cairo album! My email is polyanskiy_o@ukr.net


I am a fan from Cleveland, OH. I guess I should join the group below by asking when are you coming out with another CD.?


Greetings from Norway. What's happened with Cairo?! You've made 3 excellent progressive rock album with fantastic playing and great songs. Why stop after only 3 records? We need more quality music from you guys! :)


Hello guys , are you working on a new record ? Greets from France . fiinkypie@hotmail.fr




Where are you guys? I am one of many waiting for news that you're going to release another album. The world needs your music. We need your music. Please come out from "underground."


As others did, I was checking the site if there's hope for a new Cairo album: YES! Hey guys: what's holding you back? Don't let anything or anyone discourage you! Mathieu


Horray, another brazilian! Greetings Ricardo! We want more CDs!


Greetings form Czech Republic. Conflict and Dreams is just perfect. Blend of Yes and ELP at their best with prog metal elements. We need MORE! Waiting for that more than 5 years. ps. Bret, you remind me Brad (Delp) from Boston:) Such a great voice.


Hi Mark, Bret and Jeff! Brazilian fans expect a new CD. We love the sound of Cairo! Ricardo Lucon - Brazil


Hi Bret! My wife Ginny and I had a great dinner last night with Dawn in Chicago! Dawn is the cousin of Ginny's new stepmom (Jo), so we are related now! Hope to meet you someday, Cairo rocks! Best, Chuck and Ginny Stack, Aurora IL


Hi Bret, Did you sing the theme tune to the new animated Transformers cartoon? It sounds just like you!


FIRST COMMENT OF 2009!! Me again!! (Andr) Guess what will be? 4th CD, NOW!!


When can we hope to have a new Cairo cd ? Greetings from me! :)


Hello! I am a BIG fan of Cairo, especially Mark Robertson and his way of playing. I think it is great that the sound of Cairo is similar to the good prog bands from the 70s, and not like all the progmetal bans we have today. The sound of Cairo is much more pleasant. What can we say about Mr. Mark Robertson? I think that he is the best contribution to progrock since Keith Emerson. I cant Wait until the new album arrive!


Love your music. Greetings from Norway.


Mark Robertson is a genius! Greetings From Norway


4th album! 4th album! 4th album! Eric


I just Want to say that Mark Robertson is the best keyboard player since Keith Emerson changed the world of music during the 70`s


Absolutely fabulous to hear from Bret on behalf of Cairo!!!!!!!! We don't only need the 4th album, but more: many more albums from Cairo. You are the best! Mathieu from the Netherlands


Hi This is Roger, from Portugal (once more)... I dont want to repeat myself and everybody on this forum, but...WE NEED THE 4TH ALBUM!!! Come on guys, do your best, as your loyal and dedicated fans are willing a new album for such long time... Keep on progin Cheers My email adress: elpprogster@hotmail.com Other Cairo /ELP type prog fans may contact me for conversation!


How is it going, the 4th CD? Almost done, I hope I hoppa hopp-a... Do you guys have a title for it?


ELP-Style Prog for the 21st Century... If you're a fan of progressive rock, chances are you've been lonely at times since the 70s. But the fact is prog is alive and well, and Cairo makes great music for the genre today. Like classic prog, Cairo's debut album is blend of short songs and long (ranging from about 2 to 20 minutes), dizzyingly fast instrumentals and ethereal sound washes, and great musicianship. Indeed listening to keyboardist Mark Robertson, you'll swear it's Keith Emerson himself at ivories; in fact Emerson has listed Cairo as one of his favorite bands. The rest of the band is top notch too, in particular lead singer Bret Douglas, whose voice has hints of Jon Anderson and John Wetton, yet is totally unique. Overall the album is 5-star no-holds-barred prog guaranteed to please most fans. Enjoy! Kirk Lott ~


The Best Cairo Album, and One of the Best Prog Albums Ever! ... Cairo CD Conflict and Dreams This album easily stands out as the strongest. One of the top progressive rock albums of all time! Intricate interplay between keys and guitars, incredible melodic bass work, fantastic songwriting and drumming! The songs are very well composed. Not a bad moment on the CD. If you have one of the other Cairo albums and were wondering if this one was worth it, stop wondering and grab your wallet. If you're new to Cairo, get this one first! You won't be disappointed. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff Brockman, "Virtual Live Show" was amazing! Your drumming and music was absolutely the best I have ever seen. The Virtual Live Show is very well thought out. The lights, lasers and video projection is perfectly synced with the music. Seriously, absolutely mind blowing!!!! ~ Jason Lewis, Guitar Center




Just wandered over here (yet again) to see if there was any hope of a new album, and it seems there is! I need my Cairo fix! I know you guys will do your best.


Nice to hear from a band member. Yes, we want more music!


Great to read something from Bret! You use to interact a lot back in 2000-2001, hopefully you guys will be able to release that legendary 4th cd! Regards, Eric


I need new dose of Cairo NOW !!!...or soon:) How are you guys and what are you doing now? Like to hear from you. Season of the heart was the reason i started to listen your music an buying your cd's...Beautiful, melodical, complex, non-agressive but yet powerful music. Reminds me a bit on Yes, ELP...and other great bands, anyway...you have my full support and please make more great songs!!! Nice regards from sunny Adriatic sea in Croatia!!! (great place for music inspiration;) bye! Dave via Croatia


You guys are absolutely amazing!!!! I just recently discovered you on XM radio channel 51 and now I have purchased all of your CD's. I will always be a die-hard progressive fan. Thanks for your music!!! . . . .Gary. . Vidalia LA


Is this a mini buzz..... OK guys post something here soon, we need to know what's going on with Cairo. Humm, very interesting............


YEAH BRET!!! I had to post that in all caps cause I'm so excited to hear what's going on!! Keep rockin', guys, and keep us in the loop!!!


Well that's a start. Awesome guys! Let us know ASAP when a new CD is in the works..............................


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yes --- Jeff, Mark and Bret are still together as Cairo. "Accept no substitutes!" Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments and feedback. We are currently conferring as to whether we can put out another album in the future, but that's something still to be determined, so please wait for further updates. And yes, I (Bret) can respond to your messages... it's basically been up to Jeff so far because of him being the webmaster, and also because of his great enthusiasm! We're all inspired by your words of encouragement and are now looking to see what we might be able to do toward putting out another disc. Please wish us good fortune in our endeavors! Best regards to you all, Bret


JEFF!!! BROCKMAN!!! I heard that Yes was going to be playing Konocti from the buzz here in the pressroom at the PD (where I work my day job). My immediate thought was of you, dear. Long time, buddy. Please drop me a line. I am telling everyone you're soo gooooooood! Candace Buck The Original Artist for the Album Cover candacebuck@yahoo.com


WOW! I haven't been to the Cairo site for a while, but last night I heard you guys on the radio and thought I should see what youre up to. From what Im reading everyone (the fans) feel the way I do. Another Cairo CD would be great! Since Jeff is the only one who has ever responded to my emails, maybe he should just go ahead and produce the next album. Although it would be nice to have the whole line-up, Jeff is probably the only one who knows how to get it done Its all-positive though. Come on guys; dont be like other great bands and just fade away, we love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Jason Alexander, Ontario Canada


Where oh where has CAIRO gone??!!! Simply the finest progressive rock band to come along since YES. We must have more!!! Same keyboardist, same vocalist, same drummer -- and get that guitarist from the first disc! What a band!!! PLEASE, MORE CAIRO!!!!!!!!!!


I need more Cairo! I have become addicted to the first three cds and I hope to hear more from you guys.


AAAAAAAAHH!!! I NEED CAIRO MUSIC!! Please, my 3 Cd's are already burning in my stereo, have mercy on them, release one more!!! Please!!!! PLEEEEASE!! I'm Cairo's #1 fan in Brazil. Regards, Andre. andrefadel-at-gmail-dot-com.


Yes, please more Cairo music or something solo from Jeff! Please! Those three great cds can't be all such talented musicians will ever produce Eric


Hey guys we're an emerging progressive band from Queretaro Mexico, which is a growing state two hours from Mexico City, we're covering silent winter from your first CD, The question is: Have you ever wrote or publish any score of your materia? and if it's true where can I get it? I'll appreciate very much some information. By the way we think your music is superb and personally I agree with a lot of the previous posts, pls deliver us fans another CD, an official bootleg, a DVD live or even a best of... Also this site needs some improvement cause it will be great if visually is as stunning as your music is audially (hope that's correctly written). I'm a graphic and web designer myself so I'll be more than glad to help you with your site or the artwork of your upcoming CD. One can dream eh? anyway hope to heard from you greats news sooner. P.S. As you can see you have a large fan base here in Mexico so if you come here any soon, you won't regret it. Peace and Universal Positive Prog Vibes Christopher BP christophear.fl@gmail.com


From Mexico City, we need another Cairo album, please!! hi Jeff, I'm a drummer and a Cairo fan! esperamos nuevo cd de Cairo




Hi my name is Jason Touchton. I would like an autograph from each band member of Cairo. If it is possible i would like to have a photograph of cairo with the band members names on it or with it. If you could get back with at touchtonians@comcast.net


Amazing Cairo!!! I just heard you on the radio for the first time. I never even heard of you guys until today. I went online and found your site. I think you guys might be my new favorite band of all time... James, AZ, USA


Your music is awesome. Since I listened to Conflict and Dream i was totally blown away. Hope the band is ok and working. I'll never expect to see you play anywhere in Mexico, so I'm not going to ask if you plan in doing it lol. I would appreciate if you can send me the lyrics to Then You Were Gone? Thanks a lot!!! My email: alexgzz AT gmail.com


I love your music boys! All I want, is to say THANK YOU and congratulations! Best wishes from Greece, Kostas....



Hey, I heard you guys on a San Francisco radio station two times this week. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff Brockman the world wants you... You are absolutely amazing.... PJM San Francisco, CA HOPE ALL IS WELL !


Heard "Western Desert" for the first time today on Yahoo radio....I was absolutely FLOORED!!! You guys jam! Do you ever play live, maybe anywhere in the Southeast? ---Rae: Columbia, SC---


all the best.......your fans from SERBIA (it's unbelievable)


So where the heck are you??


Jeff, you owe it to the fans to give them an update. If I recall, Mark left Cairo 5 or 6 years ago, shortly after the 3rd album, so it's down to you and Brett. So, there are 3 possibilities: a) reunion b) new line-up or c) "break up." Please update the fans.


I heard of the song first time "Western Desert" on my satellite radio here in country of France. I think its one of best prog songs I ever hear. Now I buy all CD to listen. I can not believe of how good the Cairo music is to me. Now, to say thank you for best music ever. ---Anastasia ---


Hey Jeff, I was at the Telly Awards this year and saw your name listed as "Jeff Brockman - Best Director" for some TV commercials. I'm happy to see you're still doing the filmmaking as well as the music. Keep it up! ~ Don


Well, obviously people haven't forgotten you guys. Goes for me as well and I can only subscribe the pleads for a new album. Besides, fans never let the great prog bands down because they bring the greatest music into their lives and the fans will always be greatfull for that.


You're my favorite band. It seems to me that you're only popular in USA because I can't find your records in local stores (Sweden, suppose I have to buy them from amazon). More pictures, Write how you met and started playing, along with some trivia (be sure to post this on wikipedia as well) put lyrics for your songs on the page. Write where you have been on live performances and where you will be. I stumbled upon your music while randomly surfing. I think there are many who would like your music but who don't know of your existence. Would appreciate lyrics from the conflict and dreams album sent to me //Nomis (simmek@gmail.com) And do continue doing what you do ;-P


from Paris, France; I miss you guys, I hope there are some new materials during 2008 ? a DVD ? a live album ? something...Happy new year in any case. RC.


When will there be another Cairo album, it's been 7 years since the last. Can't wait to hear what other musical ideas the band has


Wishing you guys the best in 2008! So..........are we going to see a new Cairo album???? Please, we're all waiting... ~ Biggest fan in Belgium


Hi guys! As you may look from here theres quite a lot of fans awaiting for a new studio album!!! Perhaps in 2008? Hope so!! BEST WISHES FOR 2008 AND... PROG ON!! Roger, from Portugal


BOO! How is everybody?? WHERE is everybody? hahaha Hope all is well with Bret, Jeff & Mark! Shoot me a note if you get a chance....been very busy with my own music too; check out my new page at myspace.com/secsight Heard the 1st Cario CD the other day for the 3000th time & it still sounds great!-Steve Nicholas

steve_nich@yahoo.com -Steve Nicholas


I keep listening to the music, and I keep checking the site! Please guys, don't be done yet!! The world still needs more Cairo music! Any and all news is appreciated.


Yes, pelase more Cairo music or something solo from Jeff! please! Those three great cds can't be all such talented musicians will ever produce Eric


Here I come again, to complain how the creators of "Ruins at Avalons Gate" can't record more music?!!! Guys!! I'm expecting here...


I listen to "Time of Legends" on a regular basis and I can't get tired of it. Is this addiction a terminal disease? Congrats Cairo, you guys make great music... I'll be seating here waiting for the next album.


Where is Cairo??!! Just listened to Conflict & Dreams. What a fantastic track Western Desert is. One of the best ever heard. When can we (all proglovers) expect something new from you?


Amazing Music, I love this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Second the GO TO ROSFEST vote!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!


Please, please, please go to RosFest. It is a fantastic festival and you guys would be great. Every year they have a super lineup and you would fit in very nicely. I love your three albums and look forward to your fourth. Franc Short, North Scituate, RI


ROSFest invites Cairo to come and play for us in our three day progress rock festival in Pennsylvania in April. If you are interested, all the contact links can be found at www.rosfest.com. We would love to see you join our prestigious lineup. You won't regret it! The festival is a ton of fun and you'll make a lot of new friends.


Hi my name is Ronnie K from Metallinks The world biggest Metal/Rock related link site. With over 2500 working links!!! Also on Metallinks we do Interviews and Reviews Of course are you guys also linked on metallinks.nl. Can you link us back??? Thanks for the support Spread the word www.metallinks.nl Also if you are interested we can do a interview or a review Hope to hear from you soon Metal!!! Also check out the new Forum on metallinks.nl


Hi, I have Conflict And Dreams since many years ago and I must say it's one of my absolute favorite progressive albums. My favorite track is "Valley Of The Shadows" Greetings from Spain!!!


Hello, there! I'm from Curitiba, Brazil, and I have all your three albums. When is the fourth coming??? I'm eager to hear it!!!! Please, folks, don't stop making music!! I wish you were the most well succeeded ($$) band in the world, but ignorance still rules. Please, do more albums!! I'm hungry for it! Hugs to you all... PS: Mark, how is your classical repertoire nowadays? ~ my e-mail: toquepiano@yahoo.com.br


Greetings... ... and compliments on your excellent job. I'm Esteban, from Ecuador, South America. How did I learn about Cairo? What made me purchase your albums? The 'Magna Carta' tags on them!. I'd venture to say that I wouldn't be enjoying your music right now otherwise! Now I own both of your albums. The first album I listened to was 'Conflicts And Dreams'. Both my brother and I had been collecting Magna Carta releases for some time back when the opportunity to purchase some new music came. "This one must be good, too", we thought. The thing is that we weren't mistaken! It was a pleasant experience hearing the opening track, 'Angels...'. As you might guess, prog-rock/metal albums can't be found at record stores down here. Because of that fact, we generally purchase music at online stores. Who knows, we might be the only persons on this country who have had the privilege of enjoying your music. Rest assured we're spreading the word among our friends. Word of mouth among music fans seems to be a important 'ingredient' for a band's success, (particularly) in this style of music. Keep up the fine work, Esteban.


I first heard your music online one time. i was hooked. I really enjoy your songs very much. being a drummer myself, i can appreciate the drumming on the albums. I was wondering if you guys are coming out with a new CD sometime soon? also how long might it be till you have other videos online to watch? e-mail  wedmunds@hvc.rr.com. thanks Wayne


Hi there. Lost track of you guys after Conflict and Dreams (i shamefully have to admit) but played that album again today and i must say, this is really good. I've seen that Time Of Legends is your latest work and i'm really curious about that. Ruins At Avalon's Gate is still high in my Epic top ten list. You guys rock. Greets from a fan from Holland. :-) lexaco@casema.nl


Hi! Damn, do you guys kick ass or what? I mean, Im a fan of most progressive rock bands, but this is top of the crop. It makes me remember the sweet 70 (Ok, so Im 26 and shouldnt be misleading but Ive always wanted to write that! :) You know my age....Im Swedish (you know Europe, up north, its kinda cold and miserable but the womens good-looking and snow is alright) Anyway, I just wanna say that your CDs are nothing short of classics and I shall until the end of time worship at the altar of Cairo. Be well, Marty


Absolutely fantastic ! I've become a true fan since the astonishing debut, but this one is exactly the kind of progressive rock that has it all. Surely my no 1 of this year. Hope to see & hear them near Belgium or the Netherlands.


As a very long time fan of progressive rock I think I'm fairly well qualified to state the "Conflict and Dreams" is a prog masterpiece and is at the very pinnacle of the best that has been put out over the last 30 years. Thank you for the creative efforts of the past and all the best to you in the future. Steve(stebro55@adelphia.net).


great music!!


Jeff, thanks for sending me the clips of your new music. I also liked the short indi film, the editing was amazing!! Remember, I used to cut film too, but not that good. Awesome!! Thanks, James


Jeff, your music is amazing!!! I'll write back soon. Tim Carter, New York


I have been a Cairo fan for about 6 years now, but I haven't listened for about a year. Yesterday I put on Conflict and Dreams and it brought back so many memories in my life. Music is so good for doing that. When I first bought the Cairo albums, its all I listened to. Now I remember why. The music is so deep and compelling, great melodys, lots of different moods. It really is awesome to have your songs at my fingertips. Now I am going to start listening to the first album again too. Thank you so much!!!! Cor-Jan ~ Netherlands


What a trip!.....I'm surfing on the Net and I see my old buddy Jeff is doing well. It's, drum roll folks, Rick Caudle. I saw a post from Ron Dadey down there too. If we can find Paul Hulshof, maybe we can put the band back together. Wouldn't that be wild! I am and have been a full time martial arts instructor with certification in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, and in Muay Thai. I train fighters for Mixed Martial Arts and write for several websites and magazines such as Grappling, and Inside Kung Fu. Looks like you have been very busy. That's great Bro!


Great stuff!!!! Nice to see another left hand lead drummer!!!!!!!!!!! Dwight {drummer from Montere, Ca}


I know everyone that posts asks this: but when will the next Cairo CD be out? (c.hufton2@ntlworld.com)


I am a French music fan to tell you how much I love the band Cairo. Please, Please make more Cairo music. With many love and respect, whole France loves you! `` - Benot


Hey Jeff, I recently saw an indie film you directed. I read on the credits that you were also the cameraman and editor. Good Job! I also saw on your film site, that you have won 7 Telly Awards in the last two years for TV commercials you directed. How do you find the time to do it all? Cairo is still my all time favorite band. If you haven't made it yet, you're going to... Keep going ~ Luis


Is there going to be another Cairo project?--Mark, cdkqv@allstate.com


Hi, Leandro Otero from Argentina... I've heard Cairo's music first time when I found the band in a Magna Carta's catalogue inside a Liquid Tension Experiment Album. I remember I download some mp3s from this page and liked so much the excerpts, specially "Angels And Rage"... superpbly amazing!!!!!! I'm a fan of prog music but really of any kind of music that transmits feeling and heart-melodies... desperation in one word!!! Besides the critics, I think you guys have a lot to do and create... so keep on and please continue releasing fantastic music!!!! Cheers,



Hi Jeff....Ron Dadey here!!!! I'm out in Texas....checl out my new music at http://www.myspace.com/badappleproductions I thought that you might be interested in what I'm up to....considering our past.....Thanks...hope to hear from you


When will a new CD be coming out? (c.hufton2@ntlworld.com)


When will the other 2 albums be available on iTunes? stevenc22@verizon.net


Hi. Cairo is such an amazing band but to cut to the chase. Is there a new release coming out soon? Thanks for the amazing music, keep it up. jp@intoweb.co.za


Hi Jeff Happy New Year!! Rock on, please let us know if you will tour soon. Be safe Kelly Green - drumn_4ya@hotmail.com


found a cd i had lost and to my own dumb --ss and never opened WoW Time of legends a great cd one of my favorite since its discovery in the ( boxes of movings past) what is the band up too are they touring new album soon What!!!! i need to cacth up thank u


I miss your music, guys. Richard from paris, France


Jeff,, Happy new year.... don trent trentdon@hotmail.com


I've been a big fan for quite a while now, and I am eagerly awaiting a new album. If you could offer a hint as to when that could happen, it would be appreciated. Also, if there will ever be a US tour especially in the north east, that information would certainly be welcome too. Then again mywife and I hve been known to travel pretty far to see a great band. Keep up the great work! Best wishes to all during this holiday season. jerrygllen@ytsejam.com