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Conflict And Dreams is superb
Saturday, 12-Jun-99 15:26:06

I dig your music a lot and i think you guys have reached a new level with Conflict And Dreams. What i like most about this album are the musical arrangements. The album features a good assortment of melodies and varying sounds. Angels and Rage has an interesting mood. One mixed with a sense of urgency, chaos, and hope. Corridors is a nice melodic song that often reminds me how fortunate i am to be alive in this day in age. The song makes me feel good inside everytime I listen to it. Valley Of The Shadow has exceptional instrumental passages. Nice blend of soaring guitar and keyboard sounds. Percussion and vocals are also well-done. Cairo's debut album is ok but i think you guys have taken a step in the right direction with Conflict And Dreams. I first found out about Cairo around 4 years ago, thanks to Magna Carta. As you can tell, i am also a big fan of Enchant. Do you guys play locally in SF? How about doing a show here in Houston? In any case,i would like to check out the band live. Take care Cairo and good luck with your next album, can't wait......

ENCHANTed Fan From Houston



Wakeman & Emerson
Tuesday, 08-Jun-99 12:36:25


So did you hear that the two keyboard gods will be doing a tour together next year?


Angels and Rage (Japanese Radio Edit)
Wednesday, 19-May-99 19:35:16

A question for Alec, Bret or one of the guys. The Japanese radio edit of "Angels and Rage" is quite good, which is unusual for a massive hack job that is done to get a long prog tune down to 4 or 5 minutes. The question is: did Japanese radio create the edit? And secondly, did it get a fair amount of airplay? It's a shame that US radio wouldn't pick up something like that. But prog has always fought an uphill battle!



Monday, 17-May-99 05:34:27

It is time for your 3th CD,a live album and
a video,I can t wait!!
A BIG fan from HOLLAND

Gert Cuppen

Saturday, 15-May-99 22:43:26

Hi Bret,

Ok, I'm always asking questions! I guess I am a curious person! I love the song "western desert" can you share what the lyrics mean? I promise to stop annoying you after this question...hahaha...




Tuesday, 11-May-99 22:25:15

Hi again,

I was wondering who your influences vocally and musically are?? Iím guessing Jon Anderson and ELP. Also are you working on new material??




What are you listening too?
Saturday, 08-May-99 09:21:16

Hi Brett,

What are you listening too these days? I've been enjoying the new Spock's Beard.


Sunday, 02-May-99 14:40:29

Hey there!

I recently discovered Cairo through hearing "the explorers club" disc...I have checked out conflict and dreams and I have to say am very impressed...I love the vocals and they "older" prog style in the music...Anyway, keep up the good work...looking forward to hearing more Cairo soon,



Friday, 23-Apr-99 11:54:54

Has the idea of a mass tour (like Lolapalooza) ever been explored? Perhaps if you take a handful of Magna Carta bands (Cairo, Shadow Gallery, Magellan, et al) and team them up with Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and perhaps some of the other 'big names' in prog then I think that would provide some excellent exposure not only to the bands themselves, but the label as well.

Any news on the new album?

Keep on rockin'.

Chris Hinton

Reflections on a tragedy...
Thursday, 22-Apr-99 14:15:25

Hello Cairo and fellow fans...
I'm sure many of you are probably aware of the Colorado high school shooting spree this week. I'm sure that like me, many of you are deeply disturbed...not only by this horrible event, but the level of insanity surrounding it.(Bill Clinton states that we need to teach kids
that violence is wrong. Well, if you want to teach your children that violence is wrong, you need to set the example) I can't but think that if these kids, and many like them, had a chance to hear good music with a positive msg, this would not have happened. I remember the anger, depression & confusion at that age. One of the biggest things that got me through was Yes. Jon helped me see a different way to see life, and that being a caring, loving person was important. It helped to make me appreciate the more spiritual aspects of life. Thatís the power
& importance of good music with a positive direction. Thanks Cairo, for being one of the 'good guys'. If you reach even just one person, you have helped things a lot. Good luck with the new album.
-Steve Nicholas

Steve Nicholas

Cairo music
Tuesday, 06-Apr-99 09:27:03

Hello-just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to thank you for putting out such exciting new music. Thanks for having the artistic integrity to challenge yourselves and your listeners by making music that is exiting, interesting and with lyrics that actually have something to say. I truly believe the world needs good music that has a proper perspective more than ever now. (World Divided?) I'm really looking forward to your next release. You have my full support & you can count on me to push your music on as many of my prog-minded friends as possible! Brett-really great vocals on 'Explorer's Club'. Take care and good luck on the next album!

Steve Nicholas


First Album
Thursday, 01-Apr-99 23:33:40

Dear band members,
I am writing this as I am listening to your first album, I have both of your CD's but this is my favorite. The keyboards are just unmatched in this album (CD). I am very interested in any kind of tour or live appearance as I have turned many of my friends on to your music based on this music. All of us has been big fans of YES, ELP, Triumph,... ETC. I have heard of a third release and would like to know more about it as when and who will put it out. I first got to know you from the Magna Carta release of a tribute to YES... Great job by the way... When can we expect an album and a tour, anywhere.
A big fan, Craig
. .

Craig E. Barnes


Debut Album
Monday, 01-Mar-99 14:36:19

Hey Fellas! Great music! I bought Conflict &Dreams and Love It! I am having trouble ordering your first you debut CD, any suggestions? Keep up the great music!

Jeff Abert

DPRP and Zizania
Wednesday, 24-Feb-99 09:14:59

Maybe you these sites already, but check them out, worth visiting! DPRP - Zizania -
Rene Janssen

Rene Janssen

mailing list?
Monday, 22-Feb-99 16:24:32

Hello. I was wondering if there is a Cairo mailing list. I think you guys are great and I can't wait for your third album (and hopefully the subsequent tour)

jeff oaster

a big hallo
Wednesday, 17-Feb-99 03:59:43

I love progressive rock and art rock music and I have to admit that you are one of my best bands. i would really like to see you live but i understand that it is quite impossible. You see I am from Greece and no band from this music genre has ever come here. There isn't even any distribution, not only for CAIRO but also for the majority of progressive/art rock bands. Just to understand what Iím saying, apart from Marillion it's extremely difficult to find anything else. I hope things will change in the future and Iíll be able to find easily the music i love.
i still haven't got your new album. i will soon.
the first one was an excellent work.
keep up playing this beautiful music.


Thursday, 13-Jul-00 07:40:37

My guess is that Ian Crichton influences Alec. I hear a lot of Saga in his style, which is quite refreshing. I've seen people mention the Keith Emerson influence in Mark's playing. I've always found Cairo to be more of a cross between ELP and Saga. My .02.


Rob P.

"Time of Legends"
Sunday, 09-Jul-00 01:10:28

I purchased the 2 "mail order only" CDs from M/C and was excited to see a new Cairo CD forthcoming. So, when will it be released? I have enjoyed the other 2 CDs plus other work you have done on the tribute CDs. Thanks for great music, without compromise. dj


What about us??
Saturday, 08-Jul-00 20:41:57

HI, there, my name's Andre and I'm Brazilian. I
wonder when you guys could play in our country?
(Specifically in Curitiba, a very "rocky" city?)
I'm so curious to see how you perform in public
('cause in the recordings it looks like heaven!)!
I would also like to thank you about the great
work you've been doing, it's revolutionary!!

And the third album, it comes in Spring, right?
I think I can wait (I hope...)

All the band

What's New
Monday, 26-Jun-00 22:49:59

Hi Bret D! I assume you are the only person from the band who responds to these messages, Is it true you have a new project set for release soon?, and if so is it also true that Alex Fuhrman is no longer part of the mix? If that is also true, I sure hope guitar hasn't been nixed from your overall sound, that is a trademark for your band, and Alex had his own subtle approach, doing the dueling harmonized runs with Mark, I can't imagine your band without him, also have you added a bassist to the band as a member for the project? My apologies for all the queries, Thanks in advance if you do answer this message, Peace MJBrady A.K.A. Progman59


Hi from London!
Wednesday, 21-Jun-00 03:14:16

Hi there, just found this site, wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 'Conflict and Dreams' CD. It is one of my most played CD's. I think the level of musicianship from all members is superb. Buying progressive CD's, especially from newer bands, is not an easy task here in London, unless you use one of the specialist mail order companies (which I am doing more and more). The larger record stores do not really recognize the genre, and progressive CD's can usually be found under either rock and pop, metal or alternative! Any further news on the new CD?

John Morley

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