Here are some of the great messages from the Cairo Archives (page 2)


I'm a french fan and i wanna thank you for all the good moments i pass with your great music. I hope that you'll make a lot of other masterpieces ( soon if you can ) and that you will play live in France or in Europe. Thanks for all . Sébastien , Carcassonne , France.


7/15/06- I'm putting my date because it's helpful to know when a message was posted and unlike most message boards, yours doesn't show that. I agree with one of the previous posters. Five years since the last album, no News page telling what the band or individual members are or aren't doing, no audio samples of anything in the works or unreleased, no direct contact link, the Homepage link brings up a "page unavailable" message, etc. and yet the bottom of the page says it was updated in late June of 06. Not sure what new was added. Hey, we're your fans! We're coming here because we love your music and want information;. Give us something! Thanks... Geof tonsorock (at) tcsn (dot) net


Hey Cairo guys, hello from Monterrey, Mexico. I've been listening to your music for almost 5 years and it still sounds great; quite difficult not to, since you're all great musicians. By the way if you make auditions for guitar players count me in...Luis EFC-guitars looks great(on album covers! and sounds better. Well congratulations again and don't let your music die...long live to progrock and all sorts of music too! You can contact me at Luis E. Flores


I have to add my voice to the others here that wish you guys would play some gigs. Come to Louisville, KY! (or fairly close so I can drive). Ken H. Louisville


Hi Jeff! I saw your email adress on the site and i just want to say directly to you and all Cairo guys that you are doing wonderful songs etc... My name is Davor, well on english that could be Dave and i am from small European country called Croatia. Maybe you have been heared about war and all that human stupidity around here. I was part of that sometimes and now i am working as a marketing advisor in a local radio station and guess what? I infected big part of my crew with your music! Yes, just keep up with good work! You guys have fans in places that you maybe have never heard for. Sorry for my english but i think you understand what i want to say. That's all. Thank you for inspiration and positivity! Dave!


I'm so glad you guys are back on-line!!! Believe it or not, I still listen to all three of your CD's (and even just listened to the Yes Tribute CD, WOW!!) I'm really interested in seeing the Jeff Brockman drumming videos, when will they be available? Actually, I would love to see all of you guys live but I hear Magna Carta never supports any of their bands. Is that true? If so, someone should get you guys on another record label, because you are absolutely fantastic, really! Love your music, keep going. - Mike Benton, Torrance California


Hey, what about you, guys? No news, no new cd, no dates tour, no homepage available for long time, no web updates...! The more complex and the more quality music, as yours, the more they needs these ways of promotions. All the best for the best (prog rock or not) band in the world! AlienJ. Spain


I've been wanting to check you guys out for a while as I am an avid progressive rock/metal fan. After hearing your work on Explorers Club, I was driven even further to hear some genuine Cairo music. My wish came true last night as I finally found some MP3s of Conflict and Dreams. I started listening to track 1 as it was downloading and knew right away that I had found something excellent! I've heard people mention that it takes more than one listen to appreciate you guys -- I beg to differ! Conflict and Dreams is an instant winner. I've had both of your releases in my CDNow Wish List for quite a few months now (the description sounded good) and now that I have heard your work (listening to it for the 5th time today!!), I will be purchasing both releases. Additionally, as I was listening to it today at work, a co-worker overheard your music (and he *never* likes my music) and he was standing there with his jaw dropped (Valley of the Shadow) and is actually interested in hearing the whole thing!!! Believe me, this is an excellent feat to achieve. He's a big fan of ELP, Yes, and Pink Floyd and is very picky about what he listens to. I love bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X but I also love the true old-school prog rock like Yes, Rush, Kansas, and the newer bands continuing to carry the torch like Enchant, Magellan, the Explorers Club release, and now you guys. My point is: keep doing what you do best -- pure prog rock. The spirit of prog must be kept alive! I am looking very forward to your upcoming release and hope that you may tour to support it (hint, hint)! I can't believe it took me so long to discover your music. Keep up the great work, Rick Pierpont Stewartstown, PA, USA 30 yrs. old -- guitar player (22 years) Software Engineer


Hey guys! Happy New Year from Germany to Cairo, one of the finest bands I have ever heard. Regards, Renee (Lady Of The Snow) kamelotgermany (at) hotmail (dot) com


Hi! I'm Masahiro Lee, living in Japan. Cairo is my best band in the world! I want see your lives. When you comes to Japan,let us play before you. My band FREEWILL quest prog-inst in Japan. Let you try demo-samples here! (Now,we're lookin for a record-label.) regards, forever prog-, Masahiro Lee vmo/freewill guitarist


Well i am a guy from Croatia and i just want to say GREAT!!! First song i have been heard was Season of the heart, it was magical experience, from that day i am your loyal fan. Thanx for the inspiration and beautiful songs! Davor!


Hi it's a great notice that you work in new material (as well as video performances). Also it would be a tip if you can explain some of your way of composition: For me it's a total mistery how you can create these intrincate and wonderful musical lines. Thanks for all and hope hear about you soon AlienJ


Hey there. The previous poster's brother here. As Chuck has indicated, you guys are definitely tight and are a welcome part of prog. After I first heard you I just had to buy extra copies to send to my brother and nephews, both of which highly appreciate your material. You're an inspiration and all-around damn good musicians. Thank you and please keep up the excellent prog- I crave it. Mike


Guys: I love your work. My desk drawer here at work is crammed with prog CD's, but Conflict and Dreams never gets to the drawer. Each morning I MUST have two things before I can do my work: some sort of caffeine-saturated fluid and a good dose of Cairo. Bless my brother Mike for keeping me well supplied with the best prog. He mailed me "Cairo" when I most needed it, and the familiar complexity of that album helped me through a really hard time in my life; you could say it's the theme music for the story of my survival. Enough about me... You guys play TIGHT. As a recording musician (guitar/bass) I do know that attempts at what you do (seemingly with ease) tend to fly apart. Whatever you do, please don't stop. I NEED THIS STUFF! I've been listening to prog since I heard "Roundabout" debut on AM radio, and there were some very dry years there between when the old heroes of the genre quit or sold out, and the new blood came along. (I wore out a couple copies of "Trilogy") I can't/won't go through that again! Best of luck in whatever you do, and thanks for the music! Chuck


Fantastic Music! Now I must buy all of Cairo! Whole France loves you.... Fantastic, Fantasic!!!


Finally more video's from Cairo "Jeff Brockman Performing Cairo Live with 3 Camera angles" I can't wait!!! How about the rest of the band? Well, I guess if we can't see Cairo on tour, these live performance video's are the next best thing. Two Questions: Will they be on the web site and can we buy them on Video or DVD? Can't wait. Thanks. ps- Cairo should be on the new Rush Tour - Martin Bloom, Phoenix AZ


I want to congratulate Bret for his great voice which really has influenced me! and i'm trying these days to find your cds at anybody's (the don't sell progressive albums around here) isn't it shame beeing in Cairo (i mean the Egyptian capital where i live) and fighting to find one of your cds??! anyway i'm waiting for Cairo (the band) to play in Cairo (my city) soon, and it would be behind the Pyramids...mmm... it will be great preparing a Progressive live concert there! what about thinking of it??? if u r interrested, just send me and i do have my contacts here, i may help! my favorites are Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery, Royal Hunt, ELP,.....(and soon u'll be in the list, just give me time to find your cds, i'm sure u r great as the above bands) so u can bring some with ya... my e-mail is: or Your egyptian Future fan, Mohammed Saleh


I think cairo is a fantastic band. I just found this site and was wondering about tour dates. Are there any on the site, cuz I couldn't find them. If anyone has info , pleaselet me know. my e-mail is


I recently got the "Time of Legends" cd and wanted to tell guys how much I love it. Can't wait to hear more! When are you coming to MY town? Ken H., Louisville, KY Ken H., Louisville, KY


As a very long time fan of progressive rock I think I'm fairly well qualified to state the "Conflict and Dreams" is a prog masterpiece and is at the very pinnacle of the best that has been put out over the last 30 years. Thank you for the creative efforts of the past and all the best to you in the future. Steve(


Hello Cairo, I just got hold of 'Conflict and Dreams' after a recommendation by a friend and I already consider it to be one of the very best Prog albums that I have had the good fortune to hear, easily ranking with the very best of ELP and Yes. Thanks for keeping up the standard set by the first generation of Prog rockers, your work is truley outstanding and I can not wait to hear your other albums. How's about a European tour then? Best wishes...Carlos.


I have had Time of Legends for awhile now, but this is the first chance I have had to say how much I enjoy it. It is a spectacular album to just relax to and yet you have to listen carefully to fully enjoy it at the same time. Great job Cairo, keep up the good work.


Hey, Guys!! Thank You very Much 4 you music,they just Amazing!!! One small question: Where we can get you Lyrics? Nick from Russia ,Moscow (!!!!Real Prog Modern Band!


From a major ProgRock fan I THANK bands like Cairo for providing musical enlightment to the brain-numbing crap being played on the radio today. You are extremely talented musicians and we really appreciate and respect your hard work and the music that you create. Don't ever stop! Peace, Neil, Texas, USA


Hello, as a ProgRock-Fan since the 70th I´ve discovered CAIRO a few Month ago - and now I have your three albums! I think, its great music in the line of UK, ELP, YES, ARENA, etc. Today there are not many bands, who are able to compose an d play songs with more than 10 minutes. At last one hint: The guitar playing of Alec Fuhrman in a Holdsworth-like way pleased me much more. Why have you changed? Expecting your next CD ... Jochen Bennemann, Bonn, Germany


Hello, CAIRO. my name is alain Ménier , i'm living in france (near Paris), i'm 38years old and i'm of course kind of progressive rock. I play guitar since 1976 and grew up listening to Yes , genesis ELP and others. I would like to thank you for making me live again these amazing vibrations ! this is really a revival! I first bought "conflict and dreams "put it in my car audio system and asked myself if I was dreamin'! What an exiting performance! I of course got the next one and I felt the same. great songwriting , and Iwant you to know that somewhere in France you have greats fans (me and friends). Keep on making this incredible noise!. a special mention for mark at the keyboards ( you're a killer!) Send me a mail Salut! (in french)


Jeff: I am extremely pleased to see that you are still crankin' out the tunes, dude. What's new? what's changed? Contact your old pal Candace Buck at


I now have all three of the Cairo CD's, and all of the tribute records you guys play on. You are my all time favorite band. I wish your band could play live at the Olympics, then the whole world would know, Cairo is truly Golden... All the best. Peace, Antonio Espinoza


Hey guys, ...what can I say... I Love you guys. Thanx for keeping Prog.-Rock at the highest level and bringing back those great B3 chops (without wanting to be offensive, I love your organ sounds and style à la Emerson (Sometimes almost straight from Tarkus?). If Keith can't do it anymore, someone else has to take over don't you think?). The vocals on "valley of the shadows" and at the end "corridors" are heavenly. I received "Legends" thru the post yesterday. Great !! I often play along either with my old Korg BX3 and G4 Lesley sim. or my new favorite NI-B4. Isn't the B4 great? My 3 favorite tracks have to be "Corridors", "Ruins at Avalon's Gate" and "Between the Lines" Anyway... Please continue to make music like this forever!!! Greetings...from One hell of a big fan from one hell of a little country called Belgium.


Message from VIVIEN : I realized that I've not posted anything here... I should do something... Bret Douglas is my favorite singer ! I love his singing, when I compose music stuff I just can't stop thinking to his voice ! Damn ! Why there is not a little Bret into my workstation hahaha :) Then comes Jeff... great drummer, great inspiration (with anders johansson, ah) ! No necessary need of a doublebass to ROCK ! and..; what a feeling ! My god, we can hear the fusion freak hahaha ;) Now... about Mark... incredible player, once again (laughs) my greatest inspiration at keys with jens johansson... how to say... mark doesn't fear any chords ! He rides the songs as an enchanter ! He is the REAL keyboard wizard, the only ONE ! In fact, we have THE perfect band here ! Thanks for fantastic music, I'll always be there to buy your CDs ! (it's always the same when waiting for the latest Cairo, I'm camping at the shop - no - I'm ALWAYS camping at the shop hahaha) Your friend from France, Vivien. (also "then you were gooooooonnnneeeeee..."


Hey guys! You rock. I have all of your CD's. You guys kick DT's ass. I just came across a new progressive band called PRYMARY. I found them through search engine at I thought you guys might want to check it out. If you guys know any great unsigned prog band, Please let me know at talk to you guys later!!!! Prog On Dudes, Mario Perez


Greetings from Bulgaria! Great music,guys,I think "Ruins at the Avalon's Gate" is absolutely the best piece of the 90's!Why not make a MIDI of that one? Martin


I finally got "Time of Legends" good work men! I also still really like your 2nd one "Conflict and Dreams" Now I guess I better get the 1st one and catch up. Also, great site!!! Tylor


Hi! I got a copy of Time Of Legends about two months back, and have to say I am WAY impressed with the band. Great instrumental chops, songwriting that's in accord with my personal taste, and a selection of both vocal songs and instrumental songs. Yep, I like it. Does the band ever play live? I'd love to know about any upcoming shows! Yours,


Good stuff. Curious if you will be playing in the S.F. area around March 1-3. I will be in the area then & would love to catch a show. Thanx!


First of all I would like to congratulate Cairo for the progressive music they've got. Keep doing that music. Cairo for me will take on were yes, elp and so on just stopped. Cairo is the super group of the new millennium.


"O SONHO DO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL" The best prog rock radio show in Portugal Saturdays, 7-9 pm (GMT), on Radio Terra Nova Play List - 22nd December 2001 1st hour: Henrique & Sinfonia - "Peça para guitarra portuguesa" Steve Howe - "Walk don’t run" Pain of Salvation - "In the flesh" Dream Theater - "Metropolis - part 1 " Symphony X - "Communion and the oracle" Cairo - "Angels and rage" Salem Hill - "January" Liquid Tension Experiment - "Freedom of speech" 2nd hour: Genesis - "The Lamia" Deep Purple - "Child in time" Magellan - "Jacko" Peter Hammill - "Been alone so long" Tempest - "Jacobites by name" Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - "For you" Yes - "Dreamtime" Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "I believe in Father Christmas" All the best, Jorge Cravo For promotion of the bands, you can send the promo CD's to: Jorge Cravo Rua Gago Coutinho, nº 50 3830-669 Gafanha da Nazaré PORTUGAL


This will not be a Silent Winter after buying your CD "Time of Legends". I will congratulate you with this masterpiece. I hope to see you soon in Holland (maybe with my other favorite band Dream Theater?) Wish you the best.


Hey guys, nice web site and of course great music (as always). When do we get to see Cairo live??? Peace.


Brett? Jeff? Mark? The site looks more and more interesting Jeff. C'mon, you guys gotta drop a line in here! :-) Bret used to be a chatter. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. "I'm lifted high, on this incoming tide!"


spreading in the state Maranhão, Brazil **************************************** Hi Friends! I would like to introduce myself. I´m Gilberto Mineiro, I am journalist and broadcaster in São Luís, (island in the north of Brazil), established for the Frenchmen and colonized for the Portuguese, whose state is the Maranhão, where I produce and I present some special programs in local radios, write about music and cinema at newspaper of the city. It would be a pleasure to me to be able to divulgue your work in my city. If you enjoy my idea we could be partners. As I’m a journalist, I can write about your work and present your songs at the radio in my programs. All I need is your Cd and some information about your work that you can send me by release. Grateful for the attention. Waiting for your news. Gilberto. My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664- centro, São Luís - Maranhão, cep-65015-430. Brazil P.s to hear my show radio at the university radio called " Company of the Music ", go to the, every Thursday, 8 p.m , Brazilian schedule


Hello Cairo, I finally got your new CD "Time of Legends" and I must say after a couple of listens it was well worth the wait. I also had no idea you had a new web site (where have I been) it's fantastic!!! You really have a lot of information in your site that I was unaware of. I just ordered the "Yes" tribute, from what I heard on your audio sample page I couldn't wait to here the whole thing. Thank you for everything!!! Jonathan Harris, Hollywood Florida


i have bought all 3 CD's based on reviews and I just had o congratulate you on your excellent music kenneth


Hi, I'm Marius from Romania. Your music is great. Unfortunately, I haven't your latest album. Maybe soon. Bye.


WE WANT MORE CDs!! Those three are great, we want more, and more...


Hello, do you sell scores from Conflict and Dreams ? Thanks.


Hello CAIRO When are you coming in France for concerts ???? Francois


My name is Miro, I am from Slovakia. I am owner of all three albums Cairo, are beautiful! I think, Cairo is after Iluvatar seconds best U.S. progrock band. I wait your visit in Europe on Cairo "Time of Legends" tour (in Poland, Hungary, or Czech Republic). Hi all CAIRO people&fans!


I'm glad I found your web site because I didn't know you guys played on all those other CD's until I saw your audio sample page. That's great!! Also, I really like your new CD, you always have positive things to say in your music. Thanks.


Thanks for all of the great sound you gents have been producing for over 6 years in which you have rocked me steadily. BG 8/28/2001


Hi there, I know your first album for quite a while and I like it much, now I heard a song of your second in the Planet Prog webcast of the show 07/29/01. This was the same show, where my album SONIQ THEATER was first played. Maybe you have a look on the Soniq Theater website: if you want to hear my album, I can send it to you...if you want to write me here is my address: thanks, would be nice to hear from you Alfred Mueller SONIQ THEATER


I listened to Cairo's song "World Divided" today from the first CD. I think we all should listen to it. Thank you....


Jeff the web page looks very good. Looks like the Band is making its own good luck. Liked the video, wish you had some more of them on the page. Old time Nitro fan Bob


Tjee, just accidentally found out you have a new album. And it's already two months out!! Some more advertising, gents, please !! The video IS GREAT! As said before, Cairo is the best band nowadays! Bye, Ruud


Hi, I'm Indonesian. Here my comments : Cairo? just a little word "fantastic Thanks


Hi! I collaborate with a group of friends who have a radio show at the University of Costa Rica Radio Station (Costa Rica, Central America). It has been on the air for 27 years now, dealing with all kinds of prog music. I am in the process of writing a script to present excerpts from your first two albums and I would like to get a bit more information about the band, musical influences and where do you think the band is going. Is it possible for you guys to help? Needless to say I personally am a very avid fan and I am hoping to see you guys live in the future, maybe at Baja Prog? Thanks. Jorge


Hi! I'm a Cairo's fan from Italy and love your music. I've got all your albums and think they are really excellent. Maybe the first one sounded a bit like an ELP album (even though it was great as well), but with the new album I think you have developed a more personal sound. I hope you will come to play in my country! All the best. Achille


In addition to my mail: Please mail your comments to Regards.........Robert T


Mark, really love your stuff for some years. Got your copy for some weeks but was amazed about the poor sound quality of the CD. Never heard such a bad sounding CD for some time!! Please check the European edition of your Legends CD. There's something wrong for sure. Anyway I blew up your gig with some software and I've managed to produce a great sounding CD. If you had ever could have listen to my result you would have been wondered how I did this! My copy should have been distributed in Europe!! It then probably could have been a smash hit for your guys. Love your music anyway. Your are a bunch of great musicians. Please continue. Thank you........... Robert T. from Holland


Damn, I can't get your last job here, in Spain. Anyway, I hope that "time of legend" will have at least "equal quality" than fantastic "conflict and dreams"! Thanks for your music (and new website) and go on! Still waiting to hear your new one... Jesus Neila


Wow, your video page has really advanced. I like the fact that you give us a choice of players to view your video clips with. When I first saw the video page it took a while to download the clip, but now I just click the Quick Time Player (my system likes Quick Time) and bang I'm watching a "Silent Winter" clip. Now I want more. I'll check back soon. Thanks. Gregg Alexander, San Diego, Ca.


I have all of Cairo's albums except Time of Legend, (I've ordered it but it hasn't come in yet) and I think you are simply amazing. I hope a tour is in the future, and if so, please play somewhere in Texas. We constantly get skipped over by good prog bands, and someone really needs to show these locals what its all about. Justin W., Texas


I love Cairo and I hope we won't wait years and years to ear the successor of "Time of legends". Hope to see Cairo live in France soon! Sébastien ; CARCASSONNE.


Hello, I just picked up a copy of "time of Legends" it blew me away!!! I've heard of you guy's for some time and finally bought your CD "Time of Legends. Great writing, playing and very good over all production. I am now a huge fan, one problem need to come to Cleveland and show these other lame bands what a real band is all about..... Best regards, Mike D, Cleveland, Ohio


Hello Cairo, I just received your new CD "Time of Legends" and I am very satisfied, the wait was well worth it. I didn't know about your web site until I saw the address in the CD book..... that's when the real fun begins, meaning at last we get to see what you guys look like and most important we get to see you playing your music on your "video clips". That is awesome!!!! I really like the song Silent Winter from the first CD, so to be able to see you guys playing it on your web site is a real treat. I'll keep checking the site in hopes of seeing more video clips. Really cool guys, keep up the good work. Thank you. Martin Bloom, Phoenix AZ


there is no such thing as "the best"...times change and so does the structure and format. the uniqueness that are introduced bands like CAIRO is sensational. there is no other band like CAIRO and there will not be any, if anyone tries that would be cheap imitation. I praise CAIRO for believing in them selves and setting the inner selves free....


Absolutely fantastic ! I've become a true fan since the astonishing debut, but this one is exactly the kind of progressive rock that has it all. Surely my no 1 of this year. Hope to see & hear them near Belgium or the Netherlands.


Hello ! 'best prog'music I ever heard since the golden age of Yes amazing vocals and harmonies !!


Hallo Cairo! Today I bought your 3thrd album. Great music. With greetings from Germany.


Guys, the new album is superb!! If you tour, come to St. Louis. David Reed


Damn, I hate this country in times like this (Finland). Asked about "time of legend" from me local CD-dealer and he's been giving me only "maybe next week" comments last few weeks....damn. Sometimes living in middle of nowhere sucks. Still waiting to hear your new one... Pete


Amazing material! I'm sure glad Magna Carta has us on their mailing last. The label has a fine crop of modern art-prog bands. You guys remind me a little of the band U.K. in the late 70's, esp. with the synth and bass lines. Mellotrongrrl, MD: KEOL-FM 91.7 LaGrande, Oregon


To the members Cairo, Thanks for the new music, we'll be looking forward to seeing some film & video clips of you guys playing, of course seeing you live would be better......any chance of that happening? Till then keep up the good work. Keith


CAIRO ROCKS !!! Mike DeMichele MD


Hello, I'm glad to see your CD's in stores! Thanks for your music and spirit.


It's great to see your new web site! I ordered "Time of Legends" last week, that was one of the best things I've done all year... aaahhhh, new Cairo. Looks like Cairo has a good future in this business, keep going gentlemen. Tim Foster


The new CD is great! The web site is cool! I can't wait to see the film and video clips of you guys playing. What is the live web casting? Does that mean we get to see Cairo live? Wow!!!! Cairo live... that would be Awesome! I'll keep checking the web site for the latest information. Scott


I've now listened to "Time of Legends" several times over, and I can't tell you how satisfied I am with the album! I must admit that before hearing the album I was a bit worried that the loss of Alec's guitar work might hurt the bands music, but luckily Cairo is as good as ever! If I had to pick favorites? I would say "Underground", "The Prophecy" and "Coming Home", but really the whole album is strong, and "Cosmic Approach" is a nice change of pace for the band. I also must note that Bret Douglas remains one of the most distinctive and powerful vocalists in my CD collection, and his work on the new album is excellent as usual. JEFF MATHEUS


Well, nice to see some update done on Magna Carta. Some nice pics of the band too. You guys look really cool, smiling and relax, not the rock star cliche. While waiting for the CD to make it to my door, let's see if Bret still reads the message board :) Was the CD artwork done by Jeff again? How were the other musicians involved? Regards, Eric


Cairo is one of the most wonderful bands I have ever heard. Very artistic and uplifting in message as well. Long live progressive music. Bill Ellis


Wow!!! We just got the new CD and have heard it 3 times. The music is fantastic, the vocal mixes are great!! I really like all of the textures and layers you guys put in your songs. Your music really has some kind of magical feeling to it. Do you ever play live? If so...we'll be there when you all come to Texas. Thanks for the great music. Rick, Pam and Justin


The new CD is awesome!!! We want more.... When can we see Cairo live? Alex


<TBODY>Live Recordings?
Sunday, 25-Feb-01 12:04:57

Hi Guys,
man, you're my favorite band after my all long favorites "Yes". Check out my WebPages at to see what I mean.
1. Did you guys perform live? If so, are there any recordings of it? If so, wouldn't you be willing to share them with the rest of the world?
2. New Album? I've heard you're doing it (yahoo!!). That's it. Keep up the terrific work and please, please do some live stuff!
Bye, Ruud </TBODY>

Monday, 15-Jan-01 18:01:58 writes:First of all, I would like to take the opportunity that apart from Yes, you guys are the MOST progressive thing I have heard yet. Wow. Your music blows away anything by Spocks Beard or by the Flower Kings. It's incredibly intricate, at times aggressive and at times introspective. Bret Douglas is currently in my 3 faves for vocalists. TRUST ME I HAVE HEARD A LOT OF VOCALISTS. Alec is a very unique and thus unmistakable player, while Jamie is an incredibly strong bassist. I have to say the same about Jeff and Mark (don't even need description for that guy... pure progressive genius!)

Anyway, to the point. Unfortunately most of Magna Carta's bands have not been on tour yet. Shadow Gallery, Magellan, etc. Neither have you. Is there any hope for a future tour, perhaps in support of the Time of Legends CD. Also, if there is, is there any chance of your coming to Edmonton, Canada? Please let me know.

And just out of curiosity, how hard was it to get a deal done with MC? Just wondering.

Thnx a lot for your attention!


New Cairo music
Wednesday, 10-Jan-01 16:32:55

I found out about Cairo from buying some CD's from Magna Carta and saw them advertised in the flyer. The description of the music sounded right up my alley. I then realized that Cairo played on the Yes tribute CD, Tales From Yesterday, which I love. I put 2 and 2 together and said I MUST have their music.

I have both CD's and absolutely love them! I am anxiously awaiting your next release. From the messages I've read it's called "Time of Legends." Is that right? When will it be released?

Your music is outstanding and I WANT MORE!! :-)

Thanks for all the great music so far and keep it up!

Greg L.

Greg L

Tales From Yesterday
Thursday, 04-Jan-01 09:30:56

Hey guys!
So how was it like getting the chance to record one of the best prog songs of all time?
I'm speaking of "South Side Of The Sky" by Yes that Cairo covered for the Magna Carta Yes Tribute CD "Tales From Yesterday".
Did you get to meet or talk with any of the Yes band members?
Steve Howe added some guitar to the disc, so I wondered if he heard or commented on your contribution.
I have the cd and I like your cover version a lot.
I look forward to your new CD!
Along with Ice Age, and Spock's Beard, I think you guys are progs future hope...


Brian G.

(No subject)
Thursday, 28-Dec-00 02:29:01

Just was turned on to you guys 3 nights ago. I listened to the first disc. Definite Steve Howe guitar tones in a couple tracks. An overall Sound I last heard on Yes's first to albums and the first 4 or 5 ELP. The Elp sound most dominating. As I was listening I imagined this is what the never true rumor H.E.L.P. would have sounded like. (Howe, Emerson,Lake,And Palmer) Needless to say I loved it!!!! The hammond B-3 sound was heavy. Anyway, as I have learned by having had a client on a different "niche" label in Europe that tour support doesn't come easy on the smaller labels. A promo tour (which loses money....always!) would cost at $20,000 minimum. The Kansas Cd and all the tribute CD’s should have put some money in the kitty. Get some, get the ecoliner, (o yes promo tours are anything but Glamorous) and hit the road. Drop me a line and I hope to see you guys in Philadelphia!

W.Edward Majewski

Time of Legends
Wednesday, 27-Dec-00 18:03:44

Hey Bret!

Can you slide any info on Time of Legends yet? All done recording? mixing? etc? Best guess on release date? (won't hold ya to it =)

Truly love your stuff and can't get enough of it!! Do you even play out "locally"? (I know Magna doesn't have you touring but was wondering if you even play out at all.) If so, I would gladly fly up there to check out a show.

Have to admit I was a tad scared when I heard Alec was gone... This true? How (who) is his replacement? I imagine he's working out just fine since you guys seem pretty much to be perfectionists in your art.

Anyway... Love it! Keep it up! and hurry up that new release!! =)


Carry on My Wayward Son: Prog Must Continue
Tuesday, 19-Dec-00 13:38:28

Greeetings, Bret'
Just thought I'd drop you another letter heralding one of the most important crises of our time. I'll try to keep it brief, but hey, you know me.
I was listening to a CD I had recently acquired (Rhapsody: Dawn of Victory), and it suddenly struck me as to what an important part of culture prog rock is, Prog rock is the only form of music nowadays, which can captivate listeners with it's lyrics as well as the music, since both are very thoughtful and well constructed. I believe that all prog listeners have a responsibility to support the artists who creat this kind of music, instead of the hate-filled, profanity-laden pop albums of the new millenium. In my opinion, these recordings are simply pushing man backward on the evolutionary scale. Prog MUST be supported if it is to flourish. We cannot simply take it for granted.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your contribution to what I believe to be one of the highest art forms on the planet.
Oh, one more thing. Progression magazine rated you guys as one of the brightest hopes for new prog, as you were not simply "re-hashing old chords", so to speak. Carry on into the future and may God bless your music.


Johnny Crash

Live venues in England
Wednesday, 08-Nov-00 03:40:01

Hi, Bret. Just thought I would run this by you. As far as I am aware, you guys have not done any live gigs as yet, and I have heard you talk about the difficulties involved in the past. However, if ever you get the chance to come to England, I just wanted to make you aware of the Classic Rock Society, based in Rotherdham in Yorkshire, Northern England. They are a society dedicated to original Classic rock and Prog bands, and have been instrumental in being able to bring bands over from other countries for gigs, such as Spocks Beard, Flower Kings, Cast, Rocket Scientists and many others. If you want more info, I would be happy to provide it. It would be great to see you guys live. And I live approx 400 miles from Rotherham, so this is not a plug for them, though I am a member of the society.

John Morley

Call Joey Vera or Billy Sherwood
Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 14:33:45

A few weeks ago I purchased your first CD and I love it. I will be picking up the second very soon. I thought the bass guitar was a bit low in the mix on the first CD. Keyboard oriented classical progressive rock need not be "tinny" sounding, a solid bass performance would enhance your compositions. I suggest Joey Vera from Fates Warning or Billy Sherwood formally from YES could nail the bottom for your next CD. Just a thought.


Call Joey Vera or Billy Sherwood
Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 14:33:06

A few weeks ago I purchased your first CD and I love it. I will be picking up the second very soon. I thought the bass guitar was a bit low in the mix on the first CD. Keyboard oriented classical progressive rock need not be "tinny" sounding, a solid bass performance would enhance your compositions. I suggest Joey Vera from Fates Warning or Billy Sherwood formally from YES could nail the bottom for your next CD. Just a thought.


A week-end of Cairo music
Sunday, 29-Oct-00 13:56:30

I ordered "Conflict and Dreams" and received it last July, on a Friday. I left the office quite late that day as I had some stuff to prepare for a business trip that I had to go the very next day.

I started listening to Cairo as we were having dinner (around 9 PM! I was eating and preparing my %^&^% luggage at the same time). The music was so good, I was even more pissed-off that I couldn't take a better listen to the music. And that I couldn't until coming back the following Tuesday. So I made a little tape copy of the CD and brought my old dusty walkman with me the next morning on the plane.

I must have listened 3 or 4 times to "C&D" that weekend. Our business presentation was on Monday we kicked ass! There was a record store near the restaurant where we went for dinner. And in the store was Cairo debut CD. Got it for much less than what it would have cost me to import it to Canada!!! It was a nice way of closing this travel!

Well, we finally didn't get the software contract with our potential client. But at least I got some Cairo music back with me! This makes the "loss" a lot more acceptable!

Now I'm waiting for "Times of legend"... if its half as good as "C&D", there are some fabulous listening hours ahead.

Congratulations (and in a way, thanks!) for your musical effort.

Eric Lepage!
Thursday, 12-Oct-00 19:11:21

Every once in awhile I pull out some of my old Vinyl albums and listen to music I grew up with. (I'm 40 *sigh*) Quite recently, after not listening to it for something like 15 years or so, I started listening to my Triumvirat albums. I fell in love with them all over again! I found I really missed that 'sound' as well as the progressive writing style. Needless to say I listened to 5 of their albums, repeatedly, for the next few months. This lead me to re-listen to some old ELP albums as well.

So when I saw Magna-Carta's flyer describing Cairo as:
Soaring Vocals
Wizardly Keyboards
Ethereal Lyrics
Lush Arrangements
Sweet Harmonies
I figured they were probably pushing it but I had to learn more. So I checked out and noticed they had listed one of your influences as Triumvirat. That was enough for me to give you a shot sound unheard.

well.. all I can say is WOW! The day I heard and bought Conflict and Dreams, I immediately ran out and bought your first as well.

My God have I missed music of this quality and caliber. It was like cozying up with an old yet timeless friend. I have no idea what your situation is but I hope you all will be writing and playing together for many more years to come. Do you play out at all? Please say YES!
Ever make it to southern California? (I think I read your up in the Bay Area)

It's artistry like yours that gives me hope for the future of music. I still pray the for the resurgence of progressive rock. I feel like my parents when I say all this new music is just plain crap! (I'm referring to hip-hop, boy-band, and female mouseketeers)

Keep the faith and know that there are some of us out here that hold you and your vision in the highest regards!


P.S. WoW! =)


I'm Waiting!!!!
Wednesday, 27-Sep-00 22:55:45

I'm patiently waiting for your next CD, and still enjoying your last. Have been a musician for a long , long , time ,and I just want you guys to know that you're playing music that will last beyond the MTV sub-pop that saturates the airwaves these days I wish you could get together with some of your lable-mates for a Magna Carta festival or some such event ..This music live would do a lot for the genre..I have a feeling that Magna Carta is just milking this music for what they can and leaving the bands wondering why they aren't as busy as a lot of the far less capable European Acts that seem to be doing very well. I've been there and I hope you get what you want from this venture. I have to admit that a part of me is glad you're not really well known, because it would deprive me of playing your music for the unsuspecting friend and such and seeing their amassment at your fine music. But as I said I'm waiting and will be among the first to order when it's ready to go..
Best Wishes
Dave Haslam
The Progress Report

Dave Haslam

I´ll go for the original, hello!
Tuesday, 26-Sep-00 11:19:40

Damn, do you guys kick ass or what? I mean, I’m a fan of most things Magna Cartaish but this is top of the crop. It makes me remember the sweet 70´ (Ok, so I’m 26 and shouldn’t be misleading but I’ve always wanted to write that! :)

You know my age....I’m Swedish (you know Europe, up north, it’s kinda cold and miserable but the women’s good-looking and snow is alright)

Anyway, I just wanna say that your CDs are nothing short of classics and I shall until the end of time worship at the altar of Cairo.

Be well,


can jeff come out to play???
Friday, 22-Sep-00 21:36:29

ok Bret, where have you guys hidden Jeff at?? tell him his two oldest fans (Don & Lou) haven't heard from him for a while!!

don trent

Cairo is Great!
Wednesday, 13-Sep-00 22:32:50

Hi Bret:

One thing Magna Carta did right was to put a flyer in the newest Kansas CD describing other bands on their label. That is where I read about Cairo and thought it was the kind of music I love. I found your CD and I loved it from the opening notes. I have had it in my car and I listen to it every sixth CD. I have since been looking for your newest album. When are you guys coming to Denver for a live show? I plan on being there. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.


Niles McGuire

Hi Bret :)
Saturday, 05-Aug-00 16:31:26

Hi Bret, I'm *not* surprised to see that you're doing what you love for a living. :) Of all the musicians, I knew you'd continue for life. It's really good to see you again! I'm going to hunt around for one of your CD's; I'm listening to the MP3 clips now...

Take Care, Donna

Donna (a.k.a. Belladonna)

Great website!
Sunday, 23-Jul-00 14:27:19

Hello Cairo! I didn't know you guys had a website, but I'm glad I stumbled upon it. It looks great! I like your music a lot and I'm really looking forward to your next release. Thanks for your time!

Best regards,

Superluminal Pachyderm
---an electronic/experimental/progressive rock hybrid project


You never call
Thursday, 20-Jul-00 04:41:18

Dudes you never call me. What is up with that?

Andy F from Club Caribe

Perusing The Pyramids
Monday, 28-Jun-99 14:25:39

Thanks for the reply, Bret. Let me give you a timeline about my exploration of progressive rock.
I have always been into music, to the point where some people say I am addicted. I listened to folk music growing up, which gave me a pretty good grasp of how harmonies work. Up until about seven years ago, I was heavily into pop, but after going out to Yellowstone and seeing so many deadheads, I slowly began metamorphoses.
into classic rock. I think the turning point was when I heard "Roundabout" by Yes on the radio about five years ago. I really enjoyed the dynamic, virtuosity keyboard playing, not to mention that it had the punchiest bassline I had ever heard. When I heard that it came out in the early seventies, I was shocked! To imagine that music of this caliber was being created so long ago!
Anyway, about a year-and-a-half ago, I had the fortune to finally discover Frank Zappa. Talk about talent! This music also introduced me to a new way (lyrically) of hearing music. Finding out that there was something out there other than sappy love songs and blues songs with the same chord progressions really made me rethink my concepts about music (Actually, the reason why I got his CD in the first place is because I was curios as to what 'Titties & Beer'
sounded like.
I acquired a copy of 'The Snow Goose' by Camel about a year later, and was mesmerized by the beauty of their music. Since then, I have been akin to a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. I have finally found a style of music
which is derived by intellect, not image.
I am out of space now, so I will include a message with my comments and compliments.

Johnny (Crash) Dashner
Flushing, Michigan

Johnny Crash

Want to explore Cairo
Wednesday, 23-Jun-99 15:53:08

I have been exploring progressive metal for about a year now, thanks to a tip from a person from France who had seen Dream Theater there. I thoroughly enjoy early Yes, early (before Steve Perry) Journey, Camel and Caravan. I have seen Conflict and Dreams in one, repeat, ONE place, and I plan on acquiring it on Friday (payday). I admire musicians who are not afraid to create REAL music in this day and age, and I hope that your CD will make an invaluable addition.

Johnny Crash

Hey Bret
Tuesday, 15-Jun-99 16:32:22

Hey, thanks for the reply...HAAHAH I was a bit crude, but they were my initial thoughts....I thought it best to not hold it back...Hell, First time I heard Dream Theater, I thought they were a hair-band that forgot that that era was over!

Now they are on of my favorite bands.... I will get your second album...I will listen to the first a few more times though....Sorry I don't know many of the songs yet.....Hey, give me a break, I got it at the same time as Explorers Club and Enchants first release...I only know the movements in 2 of Enchants disk as well....Explorers Club really gripped me.....That is all I have been listening to.....

I think it is really cool of you to respond to me....I wish you all the luck in the world! I will see you guys if you ever make it out to Wisconsin to play..!!!! Take care


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